Content Marketing

How to Produce a Podcast

March 5, 2021 HelpperIt 0

I have recorded nearly 1,000 podcast episodes. My team has created and produced more than a dozen separate shows for corporate clients and ourselves. Here’s what I say whenever someone asks me if they should […]

Content Marketing

SEO Is Important for YouTube Too

March 3, 2021 HelpperIt 0

A significant percentage of YouTube video views come from the platform’s recommendations, including the up-next feature. That’s why you want YouTube to look favorably on your videos and channel. The algorithm factors heavily on audience […]

Content Marketing

12 Tips for Conversational Content

March 2, 2021 HelpperIt 0

Do you remember the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who had that monotone voice? Instead of engaging his students, Mr. Robotic tranquilized them. Heads tilted, mouths open, drooling. As content marketers, we can’t afford […]